2016 CES Innovation Award
Mettis Trainer® is for someone that wants instant feedback while on the road and wants to control their game on the course not just in a controlled in-house environment. Balance is one of the most important things in almost every sport, yet the affordable and convenient ways to measure balance are few and far between until now. Mettis Trainer® will help you prevent injury therefore enhancing your running pleasure.

The Mettis Trainer® insoles are under 60 grams and have the ability to provide the same information that a force plate can, at a fraction of the price.  Generally, only the elite athletes or rehabilitation patients get the opportunity of having this level of information provided to them.  We would like to deliver the same high level of data to all athletes to improve performance, beginners to Olympians.

The Mettis Trainer® provides relevant data, biofeedback and physiological improvements to any athlete that wants to have advanced sensor technology in their shoes. Athletes will now have access to smarter, more accurate data, wireless charging and embedded insoles.