2016 CES Innovation AwardCommitted to helping beginners to professionals in their “On Course” experience.

Mettis Trainer® is a portable and affordable weight-shift measurement system, using sensor enable insoles and golf clubs. Patent Pending.

 Proper weight shift is what keeps a good golfer from being a great golfer. It is often the one dynamic that is difficult to teach and harder to learn.

The system utilizes Blue-Tooth connectivity and links to your Android or IOS device. The results are easily read and understood, making it easier than ever before to perfect your swing. These inserts give you the critical information you need, that allows you to literally see how your body weight moves during your swing.

This system is ideal for use on the driving range or on the course during a round. REAL TIME viewing and feedback. In addition, a recording feature is included for later viewing. Each shot can be recorded and saved for later analysis.

These analyses will show you when and how you moved your weight during your swing, for better or for worse. Identifying these weight-shift patterns will lead to longer drives, pure strikes, and fewer putts.

Basic Functionality:

  • All information is REAL TIME and can be recorded to be viewed later.
  • Swing scores based on standard deviation of swing variability.
  • The device (smartphone or tablet) will be paired with the inserts and club mounted PCBs. Once paired, the device will initiate data collection and transmission.
  • The golf system software will be tailored to balance heel to toe, weight transfer trailing foot to lead foot (the same information you receive from a $19,000 force plate system).
  • Video will be introduced to allow playback of good versus bad back swings including weight transfer on the feet.
  • The device will time stamp and synchronize the various data streams and complete the processing.
  • When putting, the device will give you your exact true balance points, audibly or visually, however you choose. Giving knowledge of your balance. 
  • The processed data will then be presented at the device’s screen in a meaningful manner.  The information on the screen can be manipulated by the end user as feedback and learning tool.
  • You can receive an audible signal or no signal at all.
  • Five pre-set limits (or ranges) will be part of the software and firmware for the inserts.
    • For example, Pre-set A will be used for a driver,
    • Pre-set B for fairway woods, utility clubs, and mid irons,
    • Pre-set C will be used for short irons,
    • Pre-set D for chip and pitch shots,
    • Pre-set E for putting,
    • Pre-set F will be programmable by the user. Programmable meaning the user will have the ability to arbitrarily enter in their own set of values.