Mettis Trainer® is excited to be a part of the next generation of mobile technology and connected fitness.

2016 CES Innovation AwardThe current generation of wearables; wrist wear, external clip-ons and single sided devices have done a great job providing an introductory wearable.  They brought awareness and market demand to a wide range of users.  However, the majority of these devices use estimation based sensors (accelerometers) or multi-layer construction sensors (FSRs) which have numerous environmental limitations or the athlete can only see the data post activity.  In most applications the sensor is only measuring one side of the body and estimates the other, they provide a restrictive amount of data and can be obtrusive for everyday use.

The development of new technology has allowed us to make a smarter product. We believe that the Mettis Trainer® can be a leader in the next generation of mobile technology and can fill the gaps and shortcomings of the first generation or wearable devices by providing expandable accurate actual data from both feet.  This will allow the athlete to monitor how each foot is performing when they need it most, throughout their activity.  By providing the athletes their biofeedback in real time the user can identify a potentially bad habit and use the product to self-correct with continuing real time data feedback on their improvement.  All of the first generation device data is useful but only if it’s available when the athlete needs it most.

The Mettis Trainer® started out as an idea to help those suffering from problems with their feet and balance in order to relearn the proper techniques of walking. In addition to providing people with new insights to walking, we quickly realized that the Mettis Trainer® was much more than that. The Mettis Trainer® can help in many aspects of life as well as almost every sport that requires you to know your balance and foot strike information.

We have had a tremendous amount of fun and satisfaction developing the Mettis system. Everyone that sees it is amazed at the amount of accurate information that can be obtained through the use of the revolutionary BendSensor® used in the Mettis Trainer®.  

Wilson Sporting Goods president, Michael Dowse said in a statement, ''We are in the midst of a digital onslaught that we believe will revolutionize training and the athlete's toolbox.''

There are a growing range of companies offering digitally-enhanced equipment, which use technology to allow athletes to measure their performance. We see the Mettis Trainer® as the next generation to those products.

We are looking to use the technology as an enhancement for both professional and recreational athletes. We are focusing development on sensor-enabled products that deliver data to the athlete for analysis and training to help them play and perform better.

For the recreational athlete, this means enjoying a rich digital experience that creates more ways to compete and play. For the avid athlete, this means real-time training feedback and the ability to see what you have done after you train.

The Mettis Trainer® provides relevant real time data, biofeedback and physiological improvements to any athlete desiring advanced sensor technology in their shoes.  Athletes will now have access to smarter data, wireless charging and embedded insoles.

Mettis Trainer® is excited to be a part of the solution as the next generation of Mobile technology and connected fitness.