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    Patent Number 9,357,947
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Next Generation of Mobile Devices


Monitor Your Running Form

Are you off cadence or landing on your heels? Are you off balance? Mettis Trainer® inserts detect pressure points as your foot contacts the ground and provides you real time performance audio cues.


Connected Experience

Thanks to Bluetooth technology in smartphones, you can seamlessly connect Mettis Trainer® inserts to the Mettis App running on your iPhone and Android phone. The powerful, easy to use Mettis Trainer® experience delivers real time performance information, including foot landing technique, cadence, percentage of balance distribution on each foot and a lot more… all on one screen.

The Mettis Trainer® inserts are paired with a Bluetooth smartphone to deliver actual accuracy in step counting, speed and distance tracking. The Mettis Trainer® goes well beyond these measurements to track cadence, foot landing technique and percentage of weight distribution on both feet as you walk and run. 

The Mettis Trainer® helps identify injury-prone running styles like heel and ball striking, pronation and supination, then leverages a mobile app to coach runners with real-time audio cues. The Mettis Trainer® dashboard can also help identify and track goals, improve performance and reduce the risk of gravitating to bad running habits.

Intuitive analytics, customizable graphs, and you will have the opportunity to import data from other apps providing users a holistic view of their training history, run comparisons, improvements and overall experience, while also allowing them to share the information with a running buddy or trainer.


Mettis Trainer® System

The Mettis Trainer® System is an amazing improvement on an existing concept for body performance biofeedback at an affordable cost. The Mettis Trainer® takes this concept several steps further, with a shoe insert that communicates with your smartphone and other wireless devices to capture real time analysis for balance and performance information while running, on the golf course or on the field of play. The Mettis Trainers® versatility also allows performance information capture in a controlled lab or practice facility. Now you can simply take the lab with you.

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